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Before placing your order, please make sure of your correct finger size. Our rings are comfort fit on the inside of ring. This means there is a slight roundness to the inside of the ring allowing the center part to fit closer to the finger than the outer edges. A comfort fit ring will fit looser on the finger because it is not flat on the inside but rather rounded. Therefore, when you are getting sized please use the narrow finger sizer which is 3 mm wide, (as opposed to the wider one of 6.5 mm.) This will provide an accurate finger size. Do not use the wider finger sizer as your ring will fit too loose.


“Tension setting” is believed to have been started in Europe, possibly Germany, about 30 years ago. In tension set rings, the stone is held in place only by “tension” of the metal band. Initially gold and silver were used in the manufacturing.

 However as gold and silver are relatively soft material and in order to achieve the required “tension”, the bands had to be made fairly thick, resulting in a chunky and heavy ring.

Today, you will find tension set rings using platinum, gold, stainless steel and titanium. The tension has to be just right, if it is too loose the stone will fall out and if too tight the stone will crack. With tension setting, light is allowed to pass through the stone unimpeded resulting in a more brilliant stone. Tension setting also allows a flatter profile for a high tech look. Due to the way the ring is made, the ring generally cannot be resized. Each our tension set ring is engineered to exacting specifications with a seat cut into the side to hold the stone and a carefully calculated gap for the size stone selected for that design. Every style is engineered to maximize the security of the setting.


It is basically like it sounds. “High Polish” is a very shiny, high metallic look. It is polished and very smooth allowing the steel in the piece to really shine. It is the more classic look of the two. “Brushed” or “Satin” finishes are just the opposite. These finishes give more dimensions to the piece and a more industrial feel. You will find many of our designs combine both high polish and brush/satin finishes. “Soft Hammer” finish is created by using a special jewelers rubber mallet to gain different textures on the metal surface. This finish can be controlled to produce a very soft or denser texture. Depending upon the design and the clients preference this is a very popular finish that creates an organic dimension to the jewelry piece. If you can’t make up your mind I would gladly explain all the different options available to you. 

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