June Birthstone is "Pearl" - information here.

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Pearl - Birthstone for June
 2024 June International Design
Newsflash of the Month 

Pearls have been known for their healing properties for centuries, particularly in traditional Asian medical systems. In these cultures, “medicine” deals with more than just physical ailments and cures, and substances like gold, silver and pearl powder are believed to have effects both physically and metaphysically. While helping to strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love. It will teach you to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of your “true self.” They enlighten the mind and inspire the mood, while helping you to learn to love yourself more and, in turn, love others more, as well. Pearl enhances feelings of good will and positive, uplifting feelings. Pearls have been used throughout medical history to help treat disorders of the digestive tract, muscular systems and the skin. Powders and potions containing pearls have also been developed to aid in fertility, as well as relieving the discomforts of the birthing process.

What do you know about Pearls? Do you like to buy white, cream, pink or color pearls? 

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Love, Good Health, Light and Laughter for you always.

Mark Silver

 Are you a June baby? Do you wear or know anyone that wears Pearls?
With or without Diamonds?

Let me hear about your jewelry selections.
With this idea in mind understanding the metaphysical energy from  this gemstone may help assist you with the emotions you want to express.


Some people believe that their birthstones help improve their lives and physical well being...what are your thoughts on that?


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