Black Natural Nautilus Pearl Shell Necklace
Black Natural Nautilus Pearl Shell Necklace
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Black Natural Nautilus Pearl Shell Necklace

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The Nautilus shell is the symbol of beauty and proportional perfection. I love creating Nautilus necklaces because they are one of the most beautiful water creatures and they embody the element of water… a symbol of feminine beauty.
This large shell pendant is made of half cut natural Nautilus Shell. After clearing
the chamber we fill it in with translucent black resin and create the rich iridescent pearly white effect. The Nautilus shells are uniquely designed by nature, so each Nautilus is individual and there is never a duplicate. Each Nautilus is exclusive and they inspire me to design handmade sterling silver frames that match each piece.
No two Nautilus shell necklaces can ever be exactly the same. Beautiful sterling silver diamond cut 18" link chain included. Matching earrings available in the Sterling Silver  Earrings collection.
Approximately L- 2.5" x W-1.5”x Depth ½”